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The Best Black Friday Discounts For Pole Dancers!

If you want to get huge savings on all your favourite pole gear and save time too, you've come to the right place!

All of our favourite brands have got exciting offers from today over the weekend, some of them right through until Monday.

I've done all the hard work for you and put together a complete list of the hottest Black Friday deals for pole dancers, so you don't need to search too hard for the best bargains 🙂

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How To Progress Faster With One Simple Change

I've had a lot of people asking me about my progress recently, and that's totally normal.

You see someone who is suddenly progressing very quickly and you want to know the secret, how do they do it?

If you've ever seen someone with amazing progress but been unable to recreate the results with their advice you need to read on.

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How To Choose The Best Pole Dancing Shoes

Have you been looking for the best pole dancing shoes around? Not sure which brand you need?

Well, look no further because today I'll be introducing and comparing the top two brands of pole dancing shoes.

When it comes to sexy shoes there's a tonne of them out there, but today's review goes over the pros and cons of the top two brands and the best style for you to choose.

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How To Care For Muscle Injury In Pole Fitness

As I sit writing this article about pole dancing muscle injuries for you I'm currently in the middle of week three out of six.

I pulled my intercostals a couple of weeks ago and instantly knew this was a six weeks of no training and total rest prescription.

Being fully aware of how to avoid pulling muscles and what to do in the event that I should pull one, I was pretty surprised to have been caught out.

This is what inspired me to write this guide for those of you who don't know what to do to avoid muscle injuries.

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15 Must Have Life Hack Tools For Pole Dancers

Do you suffer from OPD?

Obsessive Pole Disorder is a huge time sucker for us pole dancers, most of us spend all of our time dreaming about pole, talking about pole, LIVING pole.

It isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life - which is why it takes such a huge amount of time to keep up with all the aspects of our passion.

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