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The Ultimate Guide To Pole Wear For Men

It's a common struggle I see for men in the pole community to wind up wearing underwear or women's shorts for their pole sessions, and as the minority in a female dominated sport and hobby they are often left uncatered for by pole wear brands.

Men have been fighting for equality in pole dance for some time, with The Wall Street Journal covering the topic as far back as 2011, so why then are they still struggling to find a decent selection of pole wear?

Well, worry not guys because I've made it my mission to find as much pole wear for men as possible, so the searching and hard work is over.

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy some online window shopping as I reveal 17 different places you can find men's polewear.

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What You Will Learn

  • How To Hide The Crown Jewels Under Tight Shorts
  • 17 Different Places To Buy Pole Wear For Men
  • How To Search eBay & Amazon For Shorts Using The Right Materials As Keywords
  • Where To Find Like Minded Male Pole Dancers To Share Ideas & Inspiration

If I Wear Tight Shorts... How Do I Hide The Crown Jewels?

While there's no way for guys to hide the inevitable bulge that comes with wearing tight shorts, there is a great solution to hiding the details of everything that can be seen if you're wearing tight dancewear with no underwear.

While regular underwear is of course an option, you'll probably find this uncomfortable and very hot in extreme workout sessions.

Luckily I came across this post about dance belts that I think you'll find really helpful.

Basically, a dance belt is something commonly used by male ballet dancers to keep everything in place and there's lots of them to choose from on Amazon.

They will keep everything neatly tucked away for you without leaving visible lines from underwear, while still showing off those muscular legs and gluteus maximus for a seamless look to compliment your pole work.

Take a look at how Bob here tailored pole wear for women to suit him using a dance belt.

So now you know what to put UNDER your shorts, let's get down to business!

#1) Wink Dancewear

Wink DancewearI'm going to start the list off with my favourite discovery from my research, Wink Dancewear!

With everything from wet look and stretch hot pants to high leg shorts, a one piece men's monokini and matching men's shoulder top to mix and match with the shorts, I'm loving the amount of choice you have at Wink.

Made with only durable and high quality material Wink's clothing has moisture wicking properties.

What that means is that it draws moisture away from the skin, is quick to dry and can also be worn as swimwear.

The first brand to offer a fashionable men's range for pole dance and fitness, they also offer some of their outfits made to order in different colours with the option of adding crystals to bling up costumes for performance.

Just click on 'Wink Uniq' in their menu to order your custom design!

This store is based in the UK and offers international shipping.

#2) Dragonfly Brand

Dragonfly BrandAt Dragonfly Brand you'll find two men's polewear ranges, the 'Mike' fitness boxers and 'James' lycra shorts.

The Mike fitness boxers are a shorter length version of the James shorts, perfect if you're looking for more skin exposure for pole dance. With no waistband or seams these shorts should feel like a second skin and can also be used for Bikram, hot yoga and as swimwear.

Dragonfly Brand boasts beautiful lycra clothing that is quick to dry with fantastic shape retention and antibacterial and anti-odour capabilities.

International shipping is available but if you're based in the UK you can save on shipping costs by purchasing the Mike shorts from Pole Junkie, available in six different colours.

#3) Backbone Polewear

Backbone PolewearChoose from two designs of men's brief and one style of fitness shorts available in blue or black at Backbone Polewear.

Backbone's shorts for men are specially designed for pole dancing using a super stretch, breathable fabric to allow you to move comfortably and are also ideal for use as swimwear.

This store is based in Greece and offers international shipping.

#4) Siluet Yoga Wear

Siluet Yoga WearSiluet Yoga Wear stocks five unique short designs for men made from top quality dry fabric that is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane for a very elastic and comfortable fit.

Based in Prague designs include three sporty look shorts, one comic book design and one jungle design short. Their Etsy store offers international shipping.

#5) Shakti Activewear

Shakti ActivewearShakti Activewear have three different styles of shorts for men to choose from in several different designs. From cycling length shorts to Brazilian style trunks there's a nice selection available.

Made from Shakti's 'Coolform Light' fabric combining amni polyamide with elastane yarn, these pole shorts are super lightweight and designed for heated rooms and hot places to make sure you stay cool and sweat free.

Based in Georgia USA, Shakti have international shipping available.

#6) Ebay

EbayWhile you never know what might come up in the search results on Ebay it's always worth a look.

When I did this search for pole shorts for men I got a few of the Wink designs mentioned above in the results but also some 'Juicee Peach' men's spandex pole shorts.

Knowing that a lot of our pole wear is made from fabrics that can double up as swimwear it's also a good idea to tap in a search for 'spandex swim shorts men' for a few more interesting prints and designs!

#7) Grata Designs

Grata DesignsAt Grata Deisgns you'll find two main styles of shorts for men, the 'Super Fit' and 'Papa Fit' and both designs come in a range of colours.

The super fit men's shorts are inspired by Brazilian swimwear for men with a contrasting coloured waistband for a stylish look.

The papa fit men's shorts provide extreme comfort, inspired by men's boxer shorts but with a better fit to your body you'll have maximum freedom of motion and flexibility in these shorts.

Made from special material to keep you refreshed during your hot workout, the fabric these shorts are made from conforms to the body without over stretching for great shape retention.

This store is based in the USA and offers international shipping.

#8) Yoga Bela

Yoga BelaYoga Bela offers five different styles of short for men in lots of design prints. Originally designed for use in hot yoga, these shorts will allow for great freedom of movement.

You'll be able to choose from their Cachorro, Forte, Safado, Galinha or Surfista styles depending on what sort of fit you are looking for so there's something for everyone here.

Based in the USA the store offers international shipping.`

#9) Discount Dance

Discount DanceAt discount Dance you'll find an array of shorts for men specifically designed with dance and flexibility in mind.

In this store you can choose from long inseam Bike Shorts that have great range of movement, 'Boxerjock' Workout Shorts made from a moisture wicking four way stretch fabric with anti-odour capabilities, Body Wrappers dance shorts and 'Vadim' side stripe shorts that combine a classic mid-rise short with a flair of fashion.

This is also a great place to purchase your dance belts that we mentioned earlier!

Based in the UK this store offers international shipping.

#10) Energetiks

EnergetiksEnergetiks online store features hot shorts for men in either black or blue made from cotton lycra.

These shorts are a basic design in cotton lycra fabric that provides comfort, support, great freedom of movement and shape retention. The natural cotton fibre circulates air keeping you cool and comfortable.

This store is base in Australia and offers international shipping.

#11) Hey Hey & Co.

Hey Hey & Co.Hey Hey & Co. proudly offer a line of men's trunks in four different designs made with the pole athlete in mind.

These shorts provide full coverage and are fully lined for added comfort. Choices range from a plain design and a dark discreetly stylish pattern to all out tie die fashion.

They also have the option to have custom designed shorts made in your choice of their fabrics to your desired length.

Skype contact to confirm measurements is provided and they make competition shorts for both pole and fitness too.

This store is based in Canada and offers international shipping.

#12) Pole Emporium

Pole EmporiumPole Emporium are UK stockists of many polewear brands, with a selection available for men, including some of the Wink Dancewear designs we looked at earlier and two other men's short designs.

You'll find a basic, comfortable and practical design alongside a pair of side panel shorts made from a moisture wicking, antibacterial fabric.

Based in Brighton you can also arrange to visit the shop itself, although this is only available via private appointment.

#13) Amazon

AmazonAs with Ebay, sometimes it's possible to find some great bargains on Amazon if you know where to look, like these Eros Sport shorts for example.

If you're not sure which brand to look for it can be a long task searching through lots of shorts that aren't quite right for pole, but just like I mentioned earlier with eBay, you might find some nice designs when you try searching for 'mens spandex swimwear'.

We also know that a lot of polewear is made from lycra and nylon, so try a search for 'men nylon lycra shorts' too.

Final Thoughts

After a lot of hard work and research into pole wear I've managed to find quite a few options for you gents to choose from so that you don't have to look too far.

So now all the hard work searching for pole wear is over, where do you go from here?

You will always be welcome in the Love Pole Kisses community, but creating this article has made me realise that out of over a hundred shops to buy pole shorts for women there's pretty slim pickings for you guys!

So if you're a lonely male poler looking for some like minded men to share inspiration and ideas you should check out the Men Pole Too Facebook page.

Did I miss out your favourite pole wear brand? Does your pole company stock pole shorts for men? Let me know in the comments and I'll get them added to the list!

Happy poling! 🙂

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