The Splits Flexibility Formula


Have you always dreamed of being able to do the splits?

The Splits Flexibility Formula combines the best stretching techniques, sequences and schedules to optimise your training to achieve your maximum results in the fastest time possible.

So whether you're a complete beginner or you're working towards an oversplit, this online course is for you!

Routines featured in this course focus heavily on active flexibility to allow you to lift into strong dynamic splits positions. Ideal for pole dancing, martial arts and many more disciplines!

Pole Split Twisted Sister

There are four modules included, with detailed lessons delivered by video and text, to reveal not just what to do but why you're doing it. This allows you to develop and learn to tune in to your body and create the perfect stretching routines for you with the resources provided!

Target Your Problem Areas

Use my collection of over 30 stretches & techniques to target & open up flexibility in your tightest areas.

No Time?

No Problem!

A quick start warm up and quick stretch routine are included in the course for those days when you just can't find time to stretch.

Visualise The Difference

Learn the difference between stretching techniques with both video and written lessons to suit your learning style.

Reduced Chance Of Injury

Learn about injury prevention with an entire lesson dedicated to muscle care for intense stretching. 

Done For You Training Plan

Take the stress out of planning your stretching routines with my done for you schedule.

Instant Flexibility Improvements 

Learn how to instantly improve your flexibility with my super hot intense warm up for splits training.

Find More Time To Stretch

Discover how to instantly find more time in your day to fit in a quick stretching routine when you're busy with my personal hacks.

Take Control Of Your Active Flexibility

Learn leg strengthening stretching techniques & exercises that will allow you to control your active flexibility. Perfect for pole dance, martial arts & much more!

Step By Step Instruction

Follow the exact stretching formula that took me from 6 inches away from touch down to a 3-block oversplit in just 8 months, step by step!

Exclusive Group Membership

As a member you'll have immediate access to a private group where you can share progress, get feedback and find stretching buddies.

Downloadable Resources

All written modules of the course are available to be downloaded in PDF format for easy offline access.

Exclusive Bonuses & Updates

Get instant access to all future course updates & bonus flexibility and on the pole splits tutorials.

In modules two and four I will take you by the hand and walk you through my personal routine formula for warm up and splits stretching that allowed me to achieve such amazing results so quickly.

before and after

Discover the difference between active, passive, dynamic and static stretching along with when and how to use them effectively for the best results.

You'll also find lots of tips and tricks to help you fit stretching into your daily schedule and an intense quick start warm up and quick stretch routine for those days when you just can't find a lot of time to get started.

You'll be provided with detailed guides to help you with muscle care and advice to significantly improve your stretching results and reduce the chance of injury.

Everyone's body is different, which is why as well as my step by step video sessions you'll also get instant access to an archive of stretches for splits broken down into target areas of the body.

That means that no matter where your tight areas are there's something for you to add into your routines to help open up your splits flexibility!

You'll also get help planning out a long term training plan and learn how to take the stress out of finding time to stretch by building a life long habit out of your stretching routines.

To top it all off, as a member of The Splits Flexibility Formula you'll have instant access to all future course updates and bonus flexibility tutorials from the member's area.

The Splits Flexibility Formula

The Splits Flexibility Formula taught me that stretching doesn't have to be long winded, going through every imaginable stretch to obtain flexibility. Made quite a bit of progress with the formula than with my own routine. Easy to follow routine. - Natasja Jacobs

The Splits Flexibility Formula has helped in a few ways, I've got into my middle spilts for the first time and I feel stronger too. It's helped me gain an over split on my right leg and my jade split is flatter on the pole. I have seen amazing progress with my leg flexibility and so happy I began the program, best thing I ever did as I feel my old stretching routine was only maintaining the flexibility I already had. - Fiona Kennedy

Hannah front split progress
Fiona K Progress Picture


8 Week Training Schedule
6 Month Long Term Plan
1 Exclusive Group Membership
30+ Stretches & Techniques
4 Modules
15 Lessons
5 Videos
60 Minutes

Your exclusive group membership gives you the opportunity to meet like minded people who are serious about achieving their flexibility goals.

You'll be able to share progress in your own picture album, receive constructive feedback and find an online stretching buddy to keep you motivated.

There are only a limited number of spaces on the course, once it's full I'll be closing registration to guide current members through - so don't miss out on your space!

I had been training for splits since January but had made limited progress. Within a few weeks of the program I was much further down in my splits. The excellent exercises and advice on the program were the reason for this. The encouragement from the other participants is motivational as well. After 8 weeks I went from about 7-8 " off the ground to sitting on a 3" block. Now that's what I call an improvement from an almost 50 year old woman who has never done the splits in her life. - Winnie Deans

I literally never comment on things but I have to break my rule to say thank you, because these videos have changed my life! I've just incorporated the exercises from the first two workshops into my current routine and I now have a flat split (give or take a few millimetres)! And this is after just one session! I felt completely comfortable sitting in the splits once I got there too! So thank you, can't wait to see how my Jade progresses! - Kenesha Asiedu

Becky Middle Split Progress
My middle split progress



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I'm here to help you with your goals, it's what I'm most passionate about! That's why this course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you're not happy with the course for any reason at all just let me know any time within 30 days after purchase and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked!