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Black Friday Sales: Over 40 Amazing Discounts for Pole Dancers

It's Black Friday and this year the sales are in full swing in the pole industry!

Pole dance & fitness is an ever growing industry, and as more exciting brands emerge it can get a little confusing at this time of year finding the best deals.

I love to help my readers, so for the 8th year running I'm excited to once again be organising all of the best Black Friday offers for pole dancers in one easy to find place right here =)

I hope it will save you not just money this Black Friday, but time & energy too!

This year's article features everything from cute pole gifts and beautiful pole wear, to killer heels & online training. Everything you need to make you feel bad ass and improve your pole training.

All the hard work is done, so all you have to do is grab a brew, put your feet up and browse all the amazing Black Friday sales from all of your favourite pole brands.

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How To Conquer Your Handstand Step By Step

Have you been wondering how to handstand? Are you struggling with wrist pain, a mental block, fear of handstands or just trying to hold your handstand for longer?

Today, I'm here to share a secret sauce that has absolutely transformed the way I train my free standing handstands. It's also made a huge difference to my pole handstands too as a result!

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