Write For The Blog

Write For The Blog

I will be happy to publish any detailed tutorials or articles that you wish to create for the blog.

Writing a guest post or creating a tutorial for Love Pole Kisses gives you immediate access to my audience, you can see more about the audience here.

Your article will become part of my email sequence meaning every subscriber will see it, regardless of when they sign up.

Articles will also be scheduled for social media promotion on our main social accounts.

Guest posting is a fantastic opportunity to gain more exposure for your blog or website and yourself as a writer if you are building a portfolio.

Guest Posting & Tutorial Requirements

I maintain a high standard of posts on the blog and guest posts and tutorials are no different.

Please note that all articles must be related to pole dance, pole fitness, health, nutrition, fitness, flexibility or pole wear. Any articles that I feel do not appeal to my audience will be immediately rejected.

When I review your article submission I will be looking for these qualities in your content:

  • Actionable step by step advice and information
  • A Tutorial or article that shares good knowledge others can learn from
  • Any health or fitness claims should be backed up with evidence such as case studies or personal results
  • Necessary images and/or video to guide readers should be included

Content Writing & Formatting Guidelines

Notes to keep in mind when writing a post:

  • Keep things light, the tone of voice should be casual as if talking to friends
  • Be yourself and have fun!
  • No overbearing business or condescending tones will be published
  • Don't waffle. If you can say it in less words then please do
  • No more than 2 Sentences per paragraph
  • 500 words minimum per article

Notes to keep in mind for the layout of your post:

  • Open with an introduction to yourself and the topic
  • Next add a 'What You Will Learn' section to set expectations & include 3-5 bullet points
  • Move on to the 'meat & potatoes' of your article
  • Finish by recapping what readers should have learned and what they can take away from the article

Feel free to navigate around the posts on the blog to get a better idea of the standard I am looking for.

Get In Touch

If you would like to publish your work on the blog please get in touch with me here.

Don't forget to introduce yourself & send over some examples of your previous work (or a draft of your article if you have never been published before).

You should also provide a list of potential article titles & ideas you have. If you have already written the article then go ahead and submit it for consideration.

Good Luck!