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The Smart & Simple Pocket Pole Fitness Planner

The Smart & Simple Pocket Pole Fitness Planner will fast track your progress as you plan and track your goals in small bite size pieces!

If you feel frustrated with your pole fitness progression then My Pole Journey is just the thing for you.

This easy to use pocket planner uses proven 12 week goal setting strategies to help you reach your long term targets, one step at a time.

All you need to do is fill out each of the clear and simple sections and take your pocket planner along to your pole sessions.

The planner is packed with exercise ideas from warm ups to core strength, with motivational tips and tricks from your favourite pole stars to keep you going!

You'll never forget about that move you wanted to try again with My Pole Journey - The Smart & Simple Pocket Pole Fitness Planner.

Fast Track Your Goals

The Pocket Pole Planner makes use of a proven 12 week goal setting technique. With realistic and achievable bite size goals you can work towards your long term targets one step at a time!

Ready For Action

The Pocket Pole Planner is an 8 page book made out of a single piece of paper, which means it is small, lightweight & easy to carry with you!

Easy Access

Just download and print out your planner on one sheet of paper and watch my step by step video to turn it into a super cool 8 page book. That means no postage fees or hidden costs and no waiting for it to arrive, yay!

Never Forget A Move Again!

Seeing amazing moves to try and then forgetting all about them when it comes to your pole session is a thing of the past, with our dedicated section to record pole move ideas whenever you think about them so you don't forget later!

Strength Building Inspiration

Stuck for core strength exercises? No problem! Our core strength and warm up cheat sheets mean you'll never be stuck for ideas again and there's lots of room to add your own favourite exercises too!

Extra Motivation

Every page is packed with motivational tips & tricks from all of your favourite pole stars, so no matter what you'll always have that motivational push you need!

Your Personal Journey

Despite all of our awesome cheat sheets and motivation there is plenty of space in The Pocket Pole Planner to write down what you're working on to plan your sessions and stay on track.

Bonus Content!

The individual session planner is an added bonus to help you plan each individual pole session. If you're a hardcore pole fitness enthusiast you'll really be able to give yourself a beasting with our session planner!

Bonus Session Planner

As an extra bonus I've also added an individual session planner PDF which you can download and photocopy or print as many times as you like!

The Smart & Simple Pole Fitness Planner will give you extra space to plan each session individually using the notes you make in your Pocket Pole Fitness Planner.

It's the perfect tool to compliment your Goal Planner with more focus on short term targets & achievements you make in each individual session!

  • Gemma
  • Updated January 4, 2017