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Welcome to The Studio!

Welcome to the Love Pole Kisses Online Studio! The studio is currently under construction, but you can browse the drop down tabs below to get an idea of what will be available once the studio is complete!

Click on the drop down tabs to find new videos for each class. Please start with the introduction video.

Welcome - An Introduction To Love Pole Kisses Online Studio

Coming Soon - Conditioning For Pole

Coming Soon - On The Pole Conditioning

Coming Soon - Exotic Floorwork Tutorials

Coming Soon - Exotic Pole Tutorials

Coming Soon - Exotic Floorwork Routines

Coming Soon - Exotic Pole Routines

Coming Soon - On The Pole Tutorials

Coming Soon - Cool Down Stretch Sequences


Before you start I just want to share a couple of resources to help you through the course.
First, please join The Love Pole Kisses Group to share progress and ask for any live feedback.

You may also like to try my printable Pocket Pole Planner to help track your progress and goals, a bonus home session planner is included.

If you don't have them already these items may help you to practise at home;

  • Knee Pads - For sore knees in lunge positions and to avoid friction burns on carpet for exotic lessons.
  • Yoga Matt - For firm ground and to prevent slippage in stretches
  • Ankle Weights - For use in warm ups and active stretches to build muscle strength
  • Yoga Blocks - To help keep your positioning square in stretches and for balance support, also used for oversplit progressions
  • Pleaser Shoes - For aesthetics and to learn heel technique in exotic lessons