The Very Best Of Pole Dance & Fitness - August 2017

The Very Best Of Pole Dance & Fitness – August 2017

I read a lot every month, from pole to general fitness, healthy eating and nutritional information.

I come across things around the web from time to time that I think you guys will be able to take helpful advice and information from.

Whenever I see something I think you'll benefit from, I save it right into my Evernote. Once a month I'll put together a roundup of my favourites for you to enjoy.

So without further ado, here is the sixteenth post in my series of favourite pole fitness, health and nutrition articles I read this month!

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Pole Dancing & Fitness

First, let's check out the top pole dancing & fitness articles I read online this month...

#1) How To Make The Most Of Your Training Time

First up this month we have this article from Neo over at The Pole PT about making the best use of the time you spend training.

She explains the three stages of motor learning and how we can use this to change our approach to training and maximise potential!

#2) How To Rediscover Your Pole Mojo

This post by Holly on the PoleFreaks blog is all about realising why we sometimes lose our mojo!

She goes over the reasons we can get stuck in a rut and stop enjoying the time we spend pole dancing, and how to revive your motivation.

#3) Do You Put Yourself Down?

It's quite common to see Facebook and Instagram posts where someone has learned a new trick, but isn't quite happy with it.

Whether it's "Excuse my rolls..." or "I know this needs work but..."

We've all seen it! First things first, this can often be a little insensitive to those who haven't achieved what you have yet if you're saying "I've achieved this and I know it's nothing fancy", because to some people you're miles ahead!

Secondly, there's no need to bring yourself down like this, which is why I loved coming across this little article from the Australian Pole Dancer's Magazine this month.

Always be proud of your progress

Original image credit:
Olly Clark Photography

Just a little reminder that you are bad ass! 🙂

#4) Why You Should Make Notes To Help You Train

This article over on Club Mynx goes over three great reasons to make notes to keep you on track in your pole training.

Editor's Note: This article no longer exists and is not available in web archives for reference.

Not only does recording the moves you're learning, want to try and perfecting serve to remind you of things you would normally forget when you get to class, it will also help you to speed up your progress when you take notes and plan this way.

I've also written more about how a pocket book can help you to achieve your goals faster, you can take a look right here.

#5) Have You Ever Asked For Medical Advice On Facebook?

This article over at United Pole Artists is SO important, I can't believe I've only just stumbled across it.

It goes over the reasons you shouldn't be asking anyone online to diagnose your pole injuries, aches and pains.

Even the most qualified of people can only hazard a guess when you are miles away behind a computer screen and you also stand a high risk of receiving or acting upon dangerous or uneducated advice from public forums and Facebook groups.

You can find a brief look at pole dancing injuries here but long story short, if something hurts see your doctor or physio!

#6) How's Your Sexy Face?

If you're anything like me, you probably watch videos back of yourself dancing and notice a number of wonky aspects.

I've got everything down, from t-rex arms to a nice gormless look sometimes - depending on what I'm doing! (It's slowly improving thank goodness!)

So if that sounds like you, you need to check out these helpful tips on how to serve face for classique pole from Peach Lee Ray this month.

I'll definitely be giving them a go!

#7) It's OK To Avoid The Sexy Stuff

Following on from the last article, perhaps you feel like you're still uncomfortable working on the more sensual styles of pole dance.

This article over on the Bad Kitty blog explains why it's OK to not be sexy when you pole dance.

There are plenty of different styles to get involved in, the most important thing is to be yourself and express yourself in whatever way suits you!

#8) Nutrition Tips For Pole Dancers

It's common to look at carbs, protein and fat intake when you're planning what to eat around your training, but do you still feel exhausted despite your best efforts?

If that sounds like you then you should check out this awesome article by Mel over on Mel Nutter that reveals the trace elements that support your body.

You'll find out what it is you could be lacking in your diet and which food sources you can find them in!

Other Fitness Tips I Read This Month

In this section I'll be sharing tips from fitness blogs around the web that can be useful in your pole training too!

#9) 21 Important Facts You Should Know About Health & Fitness

In this article by Jessi Kneeland she reveals 21 things she wishes every woman knew about health and fitness.

I especially liked number seven, where she explains how our brains don't connect equally to all of our muscles.

Some muscles have a poor neural drive which means they need special attention to develop.

non-existent muscles

This makes so much sense for us, as a pole dancer I'm sure you've noticed that feeling sometimes where you're attempting to activate and engage what feels like non-existent muscles!

It links up quite well with what Neo explains up at number one, so have a read and see if any of these help you to change the way you approach your training.

Tips For Mums

Although I'm not a mum myself, I forever see people looking for advice on pole and exercise during and after pregnancy.

Since I have neither the qualifications nor experience to advise on pregnancy in any way, I'll do my best to share any helpful articles I find on the subject every month here in the roundup!

If you're looking for like minded pole dancing mums you should visit the Pole Mamas Facebook group, there's no better place to connect with mums who pole for guidance!

I ran low on articles related to pole and pregnancy last month so you might have noticed this section missing from the roundup! If you are a writer with pre or post-natal pole dancing experience you could consider writing your own article for the roundup.

The Healthy Food Corner

Each month I do a lot of food prep, I'm forever looking for healthy meals I can prepare in bulk.

Apart from saving a bunch of time this also allows me to worry less about diet and what I'm going to eat in the moment of choosing a meal.

To mix things up though, I'm always on the look out for quick and easy healthy recipes so I don't get bored of eating my prep meals.

So every month I'll share my favourite recipe from the month with you right here!

#10) The Main Course

This month I've gone from veggie to vegan and back again...

I'm still making conscious choices to eat vegan where possible, but I found myself at a crossroads with many vegan alternatives containing palm oil, which is another product I don't agree with.

Palm oil isn't an animal byproduct so many vegan products contain it. However, I don't think they should be able to call themselves vegan with this product in. If you're interested in why that is you can read more here.

So with that said, this month's favourite recipes are these super healthy vegan and veggie meals that you can make in an instant pot!

You have Quinoa Porridge with Pepitas and Honey (vegan), Red Lentil Soup with Sumac (vegan) and Chana Masala (Vegetarian).

The Chana Masala could potentially be vegan but you'd need to swap out the jar of indian simmer sauce for a home made sauce recipe which can be very time consuming!

#11) A Healthy Tasty Treat

Summer is no doubt going to be on its way out by the time next month's roundup comes along at the end of September 🙁

So I thought this month we could top off the summer fun with these Plum Smoothie Pops!

I haven't tried the alternative yet so don't quote me, but I think you could make this recipe vegan by swapping out the plain yogurt for some vegan ice cream. If you give it a shot let me know how it goes!

#12) Something Different To Wash It Down

Four ingredients, one blender, one amazing hangover cure!

This month's healthy drink contains grapes to help replenish electrolytes, celery to calm your headache and melon to help flush out toxins.

My top tip; if you don't have time to make this or you can't handle the noise of the blender hungover, coconut water has the same effect 🙂

If you've read any great pole dancing or fitness articles you think deserve a spot in the top 10 next month feel free to share them with me here or comment below!

Did you find these articles helpful?

Image Credits: Professional pole pictures by Olly Clark Photography

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