The Very Best Of Pole Dance & Fitness - July 2017

The Very Best Of Pole Dance & Fitness – July 2017

I read a lot every month, from pole to general fitness, healthy eating and nutritional information.

I come across things around the web from time to time that I think you guys will be able to take helpful advice and information from.

Whenever I see something I think you'll benefit from, I save it right into my Evernote. Once a month I'll put together a roundup of my favourites for you to enjoy.

So without further ado, here is the fifteenth post in my series of favourite pole fitness, health and nutrition articles I read this month!

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Pole Dancing & Fitness

First, let's check out the top pole dancing & fitness articles I read online this month...

#1) How To Make The Most Of The Hot Weather

First up this month is Holly over at pole freaks with some tips on how to use the warm weather to your advantage in pole class!

Great for those warm and sticky days, not so great if you turn into a slithery sweaty mess in the heat like me. If that sounds like you though, you can always try out these Dry Body Wipes to stop the sweat.

#2) 10 Tips On Becoming A Pro Performer

In this guest post by Kitty Velour over on Pole With Peach you'll find her guide to getting into the pro performance industry.

You'll learn about everything from building an audience to brushing up your skills, finding your own style and networking.

#3) The Importance Of Water

This article by Ellen on the Pole Convention Blog reveals the importance of water for your body's nutritional needs!

Are you drinking enough water? Find out here, along with some great ideas to keep things interesting if you hate drinking plain old water.

#4) How To Fuel Your Body For Pole

Next in this month's nutrition edition is this article by Gina at United Pole Artists.

It gives a short but sweet guide to nutrition basics for pole, with four simple tips to help you make a big difference to your health and performance!

#5) A Guide Nutrition For Pole Dancers

In this article Aerial Amy is interviewing a nutrition expert to help us understand exactly what we're putting into out bodies and why.

nutrition for pole dancers

You'll learn aboout the most common nutrition mistakes pole dancers make, along with why you shouldn't count calories I eat in a day.

#6) What To Do If You're The Best Pole Dancer In Class

Do you find yourself pulling off the strongest, bendiest moves in class?

Do lots of your pole fam look to you for inspiration?

If that sounds like you, you should check out the tips in this article by Ermelinda over on the Bad Kitty blog.

You'll learn why it's important not to be a diva, and how stepping outside of your comfort zones can improve your abilities further!

#7) How To Embrace Your Own Body & Skills

It's important to remember that we come in all shapes and sizes. While one person may be great at one thing, you could be brilliant at something they can't do yet.

That's why it's crucial that you don't compare yourself to others on your pole journey.

Learn more about that and many other fantastic tips for embracing your own body & skills in this article by Natasha over at Vertical Wise where she's revealing nine things she learned as a plus size aerialist.

Other Fitness Tips I Read This Month

In this section I'll be sharing tips from fitness blogs around the web that can be useful in your pole training too!

#8) How To Build Self Esteem

Building self confidence and self esteem is a huge part of pole dancing but while some of us find that in the safety of our pole class, it isn't quite the same fix for everyone.

For many women it can be daunting to walk into class if you're already unsure of yourself, and you may struggle to build confidence and motivation when you are surrounded by a lot of other women who you perceive to be already strong and confident.

While everyone starts out just the same, we sometimes need some extra guidance, so if that sounds like you you'll really benefit from reading these two articles by Jessi Kneeland.

Part one goes over how self image is created and part two includes actionable tips to build your self esteem.

The Healthy Food Corner

Each month I do a lot of food prep, I'm forever looking for healthy meals I can prepare in bulk.

Apart from saving a bunch of time this also allows me to worry less about diet and what I'm going to eat in the moment of choosing a meal.

To mix things up though, I'm always on the look out for quick and easy healthy recipes so I don't get bored of eating my prep meals.

So every month I'll share my favourite recipe from the month with you right here!

#9) The Main Course

Update: The Skye-Fitness website is no longer active (it was last week!) Apologies, check out my other pole roundups for more tasty main courses!

In the main course this month I'm focusing on breakfast!

I've never been much of a breakfast person until recently but it's a really important meal to fuel your body for the day ahead.

That's why today I want to share these four healthy, high protein breakfast ideas for pole dancers over at Skye-Fitness with you.

#10) A Healthy Tasty Treat

I'm still doing great with the vegetarian lifestyle, but not so great with going completely vegan.

Aside from struggling with my love of cheese, I also consume a tonne of eggs for extra protein. That's why I get super excited when I do find great vegan recipes to add to my repertoire.

This months healthy dessert recipe is for these totally vegan banana muffins!

#11) Something Different To Wash It Down

To finish, for an interesting healthy drink option this month, try this quick and easy recipe for Ginger-Beet Juice.

If you've read any great pole dancing or fitness articles you think deserve a spot in the top 10 next month feel free to share them with me here or comment below! Did you find these articles helpful?

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