9 Of The Best Games For Your Pole Party

9 Of The Best Games For Your Pole Party

As I write this Christmas is close and I know many of you will be celebrating soon with parties either at the pole studio or in your home.

I was inspired to put this post together because I've seen a lot of people asking for pole party game ideas recently.

That's why I've come up with a list of the very best games to play at your pole party if you need a little inspiration.

Discover The Most Fun Pole Party Games To Play

These games are great for any pole party, whether it's a birthday party, Christmas party, New Year, hen party, Poleathon fundraiser - whatever the occasion 🙂

So let's get stuck in!

#1) Pole Move Memory Battle

In this fun dance battle style game you'll benefit from a good memory.

The aim of the game is to take it in turns to use the pole, the first person does the spin or trick of their choice.

The second person has to complete the first trick and add one of their own, and the third person will do both of those and then add another move on to the end of the combo.

Try to focus on smooth and creative transitions between tricks. The first person to forget what move comes next is out.

Rinse and repeat until you have a winner!

#2) Pole Relay

You'll need to spend some time before the party preparing for this one, stick 10-20 sweets or chocolates to the very top of the pole or the ceiling.

Split your party guests into two teams, one pole per team. Team members on each team then take it in turns to climb to the top of the pole and grab one sweet.

The first team to get all of the sweets down wins!

#3) Musical Poles

Taken from the kids party classic musical chairs, musical poles is great fun for any pole party.

Everyone should dance around the pole studio to music, but when the music stops you have to sit on the nearest pole.

Pole Pile On

The last person to get their feet off the floor is out, and don't worry if you have more guests than poles, pole pile ups are encouraged for extra giggles!

#4) Balloon Pole Dancing

For this game you'll want to get two teams together.

The idea for this one is for two people (one from each team) to put a balloon between their legs, run (or waddle) to their pole and do a spin to the left and a spin to the right.

They then have to run back to their team's line to pass the balloon on to the next person without using their hands.

The first team to finish wins!

#5) Sleeping Polerinas

This fun party game idea comes from the kids favourite - sleeping lions.

Everyone at the party should climb a pole, strike a pose and pretend to sleep in position. If you see someone move they are out, the last person to move is the winner.

You can also spice this game up a little by doing a musical statues variation, where everyone dances and performs moves on the poles in relay.

When you stop the music they need to stop wherever they are, if you see someone move they are out!

#6) Pole Creativity Challenge

In this game everyone should take it in turns one at a time to run to the pole and do a move.

Once a move has been done no one can repeat it, they must think of a new move to go next.

You can use variations, sits, spins, climbs, inverts or floorwork. With only 30 seconds to make your move it forces you to be quick thinking and creative!

#7) Fun Dance Routines

If you don't spend much time working on full dance routines in your studio your students will love this for a change of pace at a party.

Pre-plan a fun routine to music, if it's a Christmas party it could be a Christmas song or for a hen party you could theme the routine to Beyonce's Single Ladies for example!

If it's for a birthday you could let the person who's birthday it is choose the song and then teach the new routine to your party guests.

#8) Pole Charades

A fun twist on the original idea of charades!

In pole charades you'll need to split up into two teams. Each team needs to think of a word and use pole moves as clues.

Pole Charades

You can pick an action or a letter as your clue, so if you can manage it you could even spell your word's letters out in pole moves.

The other team has to guess the word, and the team to guess correctly the fastest wins!

#9) Shhhh! It's A Secret

This one's a Christmas party only activity but it's super fun and exciting - Secret Santa!

Arrange all of your party guest's names in a pot at least a week before the party to give everyone time to find gifts.

Get everyone to pick a name (be sure to get them to check they didn't pick their own name before leaving) and then everyone buys a small gift for the person who's name they've picked.

All gifts are then labelled;'To *name*, From Santa'. Set a budget limit to avoid any arguments over who's gifts cost more 🙂

Check out the best gifts for pole dancers if you're stuck for ideas for this one!

Have you played any pole party games that I haven't mentioned here?

Share them with us in the comments below!

Happy Pole Partying!

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