Wink Dancewear Xena Top & Pole Shorts Review

Wink Dancewear Xena Range Review

I always begin a review by going over any quality claims a company has for their product so that we can accurately test whether the product meets the description advertised.

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Xena Top

Wink's new Xena Crop Top made from super stretch charcoal grey Meryl Sport with anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties that draw moisture away from the skin. With Wink's new Tattoo print Lycra straps which can be worn in different positions. Elasticated underbust for added support.

Xena Pole Shorts

Xena Shorts made from Wink's new Tattoo print Lycra with stretch mesh side panels. Gorgeous cross over straps made from super stretch charcoal grey Meryl Sport with anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties that draw moisture away from the skin. Soft elasticated waist so no pinching

So now we've taken a look at what's on offer, let's get down to the review!

Fabric Quality

The Xena pole shorts are made from Lycra with side panels made from a stretch mesh. The criss-cross straps are made from Meryl Sport fabric which is bacteriostatic. Bacteriostatic or 'Bstatic', can be a biological or chemical agent that prevents bacteria from multiplying.

The Xena Top is made from the same material as the criss-cross straps on the shorts, with bacteriostatic and moisture wicking properties. The tattoo print straps are made from Lycra.


For me, comfort starts with getting into an outfit and at first I have to admit I was a little confused by the Xena Top and wasn't sure where to put my head through the straps!

That said, when I did go for it and see where I ended up it was very easy to put on and navigate the different straps, despite my initial pause for thought looking at it.

Once on, the fabric on both the top and bottoms was a great fit, it didn't feel at all restricting and I was good to go with my workout.

The fabric is elasticated for a skin hugging fit that helps to prevent slippage after testing the outfit in a very vigorous pole session I only had to re-adjust the top a couple of times.

It felt very soft on the skin and did not rub at the seems, avoiding chaffing armpits and thighs.

Breathability/Sweat Absorbancy

I never used to be this sweaty I swear... Since moving to Costa Rica the heat here has opened up my pores somewhat and now I'm a total Sweaty Betty when I workout.

The good news is, this wasn't a problem in my Wink outfit. I didn't feel too hot, the fabric breathes well and when I got super sweaty I didn't feel restricted or sticky in it.

The moisture wicking fabric definitely kept me feeling comfortable and drew the moisture away from the skin.

It's also very quick drying so if you cool off and stop sweating it doesn't stay damp for long either!

Crotch Coverage

There's really not much to say in this section of the review, pole shorts either cover everything or they don't. Drum roll please...

Wink Shorts Crotch Coverage

Bra Pad Inserts Used In This Image

They cover!

I tried some crotch shots and super splitty moves and found the crotch coverage fantastic =)


Due to the lack of pad inserts meaning a little slippage and nipple visibility through the top I've dropped the star rating on this otherwise very beautifully designed set.

It's important to note that only smaller busted customers have had any issues with this so far.

The design is very flattering and fun to wear with super cute criss cross straps that don't affect skin contact with the pole on both the shorts and top.

The top has three criss-cross style straps with one off the shoulder that according to the product description may be worn 'in different positions'.

In reality the shoulder strap is a little impractical for any form of stretching because it immediately slips up off the shoulder if you raise your arm.

For a photo shoot with someone to rearrange for you it would look great with the strap down, for a practical pole session or routine though I would recommend wearing the strap up away from the shoulder to stop it becoming a distraction like so:

Xena Top Strap Variation

Bra Pad Inserts Used In This Image

The set still looks awesome worn like this!

The shorts are mostly lycra with mesh side panels, I found that the only underwear suitable with see-through side panels is a thong as any pants with sides can be seen through the side panels which takes away from the overall look of the outfit.

Breast Coverage

The top is designed with an elasticated underbust for support and double layered fabric for better nipple coverage.

With that said I could still see my nipples through the fabric and felt uncomfortable without pad inserts in. The fabric would slip if I just popped these in at random so I had to take the time to sew them in.

After emailing Wink they assured me that since receiving feedback from a few smaller busted ladies about the nipple issue that they are working to fix it by adding insert pockets to the top and have made this a top priority.

I will update this review post when those changes have been made 🙂

Update from Wink -

We have looked at adding bra inserts but would be too expensive to add these to some of our current styles as our shapes are much more complicated than other brands. Our patterns are very unique and that is what makes our designs popular.

For example, our Asymmetric Monokini contains several pieces sewn together and each colour is sewn in the same colour thread so takes a long time to sew as our machinist have to stop and start the seams.

Plus there is the cut out which needs to be sewn from the inside and turned. To also add an insert pocket would be too costly and may put people off buying it.

We are looking at introducing a more simple style where we can incorporate the bra inserts and may launch this next season, or we could introduce this as a bespoke option for an additional price.

I have since sewn some bra inserts into the under layer of the double layered fabric which prevented all slips and nipple exposure so I am certain that optional padding inserts would instantly fix this problem.

Flexibility & Stretch

I have really put this product through its paces with regards to flexibility as much as I can.

Fabric Flexibility & Coverage

No Bra Inserts Used In This Image

As you can see I've gotten into the flexiest moves I can muster and found that the material moved well with my body.

It stayed in place and comfortable throughout all bendy pole sessions!

Size Guide Accuracy

For every clothing review I will always purchase clothing based on my exact measurements on the companies size chart in order to help you guys with sizing!

I measured myself hips, waist and chest and chose my size based on the measurements in their size chart.

Wink Size Guide Chart

On this occasion I measured up as a medium according to the chart, that is the size I ordered and the fit has been fantastic.

Final Thoughts

The overall design as delivered provides great comfort in hot workout and fantastic flexibility but based on my experience with nipple visibility and fabric slippage I personally felt that I had to alter the garment myself.

When I contacted Wink Designs to explain the issue they agreed they had several requests for removable bra pads from smaller busted ladies but that adding bra pockets inside their tops isn't an option at this time.

They may introduce custom bespoke options fot this in the future at an additional cost..

The tops are designed with a double layer of fabric to prevent this but they feel that removable pads would definitely solve the problem completely!

Since adding my own inserts I actually love wearing this outfit and the design is gorgeous, so if (unlike me) you aren't bothered by the nipple visibility (until you're warmed up at least) you'll love this set!

If that is something that you aren't sure about don't worry, as soon as the pockets are added this post will be updated to let you know 🙂

In the images in this post I'm also wearing Wink Dancewear turquoise stirrup leg warmers.

Like what you see? You can view the full Wink Dancewear Range here!

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Bend & Stretch wearing @winkdesigns gorgeous Xena Range!

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Founded by Sarah McClymont who has at least 22 years experience in fashion and design creating designs for sports brands like Nike and Adidas, Wink will also create custom bespoke designs in any colour and feature children's sizes.

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