The Best Black Friday Discounts For Pole Dancers!

The Hottest Black Friday Deals For Pole Dancers!

Wow, where has the last year gone! Maybe I'm just getting old, but either way I hope you're looking forward to discovering all of the best Black Friday deals for pole dancers.

I've done the hard work to save you not just money, but time as well by putting everything in one easy to find place!

Click here for instant access to this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts (Available from BLACK FRIDAY 25th NOV 2022)

It's another amazing collection of bargains this year, with savings on all your favourite brands including polewear, shoes, online training programs and even instructor training, so you've come to the right place!

All of the discounts featured here reveal the coupon code or link you'll need, what country each online store is based in for your shipping convenience and how long you have left until the discount ends.

So if you've been waiting for a brand new outfit or some sparkly Pleaser shoes, don't miss out on the fantastic deals here for a limited time only!

Don't forget to share the love with your friends too, so they don't miss out 🙂

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If you'd rather shop by category, just click on the items you're looking for here:

Online Training

The Splits Flexibility Formula

Love Pole KissesOpen for a limited time only, The Splits Flexibility Formula combines the best stretching techniques, sequences and schedules to optimise your training to achieve your maximum results in the fastest time possible.

​So whether you're a complete beginner or you're working towards an oversplit, this course is for you!

The Splits Flexibility Formula

Routines featured in this course focus heavily on active flexibility to allow you to lift into strong dynamic splits positions. Ideal for pole dancing, martial arts and many more disciplines!

The course is also being updated with all new bonus pole splits tutorials, to help you take your splits to the pole 🙂

Once this Black Friday offer ends registration will close completely while members work their way through course material together, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to sign up. Click here for more information and to see what members think of The Splits Flexibility Formula!

Discount: 20% Off Registration

Coupon Code: Not required

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Registration Closes and Offer Ends MIDNIGHT GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 26/11/2018

Charlotte Robertson's Handstand Fundamentals

Charlotte robertson pole freaks handstandBrought to you by PoleFreaks, discover a step-by-step plan to help you master handstands both on and off the pole!

PoleFreaks and Charlotte have teamed up to develop a step-by-step training programme, which provides a structured plan to take you by the hand and help you achieve your hanstands.

Each phase of the programme is loaded with detailed video instructions.

Discount: 20% Off

Coupon Code: blkfri20lpk

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

123 Poling

123 Poling123 Poling are one of the most popular places for online pole dancing tutorials and they are back with a hot new offer this Black Friday!

There are a huge number of moves to learn, from beginner through to advanced with their patented Red Ribbon technique to help guide you.

Discount: 20% off your first billing cycle

Coupon Code: MY20

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Offer ends 24/11/2018

Cleo's Rock 'N' Pole

cleo-the-hurricaneWith Cleo's Rock 'n' Pole you'll have unlimited access to over 1,000 online pole lessons. Stream any time, from any device!

Discount: 25% Off Annual Subscriptions for Cleo's Rock n Pole

Coupon Code: Not required - Discount will be applied upon sign up.

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Offer Ends 23/11/2018



PolerForm Etsy StoreIf you love bright and fun prints you'll love the selection of designs over on PolerForm's Etsy store!

With pole shorts and tops made to fit all shapes and sizes and custom designs, if you can't find your size just ask if your choice can be customised.

Discount: 20% off

Coupon Code: ETSYCYBER2018

Plus: Free shipping in the USA


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Offer Ends 25/11/2018

Pole Finesse

Pole FinesseBased in the UK, Pole Finesse is a cute Etsy store featuring crop tops, vests, tank tops and leggings in cute pole designs.

Discount: 20% off

Coupon Code: Not required

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Offer Ends 25/11/2018

Red Bubble

Red BubbleKicking off the sales this year is Red Bubble, with funky printed pole designs on t-shirts, these are the perfect casual treat for pole dancers!

Saturday Discount: 20% off apparel

Coupon Code: ALLDAY20

Offer Ends Midnight 24/11/2018

Sunday Discount: 20% off apparel

Coupon Code: TODAY20

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Offer Ends Midnight 25/11/2018
(Code valid for purchases in the US & all other regions excluding Germany, France and Spain)

Point Out Polewear

Point Out PolewearPoint Out Polewear are a premium quality pole dance wear brand from Greece. This offer is brought to you by the proud co-organisers and sponsors of Poleart Greece!

They pride themselves on brand new, minimal designed, fresh, athletic and feminine clothes suitable for pole, hoop or silks lovers!

Discount: 40% Off

Coupon Code: black2018

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018


PoleHogGym wear and pole clothing hand made in the UK.

At Pole Hog you'll find a great selection of pole wear and back warmers in a stunning array of fabrics.

Pole Hog pride themselves on quality, affordable clothing for pole dancers and even have a facebook community where fans of their clothing can make requests and show off their new threads!

Discount: 20% Off

Coupon Code: Blackhog

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Offer Ends 23/11/2018 - BLACK FRIDAY ONLY

Twisted Polerina

Twisted PolerinaAfter the sisters at Twisted Polerina scoured the internet for cute and witty pole tanks to wear to class and came up empty handed, they decided to put their love of pole and twisted sense of humor to good use.

Based in New York, USA, the company is named after their nemesis move, the Twisted Ballerina!

Discount: 15% Off

Coupon Code: BlackFridayWeekend2018

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Dragonfly Brand

Dragonfly BrandDragonfly premium quality pole wear and bikram hot yoga wear made in Czech Republic.

Dragonfly Brand pride themselves on pole clothes that are made ​​with love and care, from materials that are quick drying, soft, supple and pleasing to the touch.

The perfect clothing for a sweaty workout!


Discount: 20% Off & Free Worldwide Shipping

Coupon Code: BFX8EVN

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Offer Ends 23/11/2017 - BLACK FRIDAY ONLY

Ann Summers

Ann SummersBased in the UK, I'm sure Ann Summers doesn't need an introduction!

There are tonnes of hot and super sexy lingerie designs available for either a sexy christmas pole routine for your other half or a new outfit for work in the club!

Or failing that just because, who needs an excuse to buy lingerie? Either way I didn't want you to miss out on this awesome Black Friday bargain.

Discount: 20% or more off everything + FREE UK delivery on orders over £35

Coupon Code: Not required.

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Pole Junkie

Pole junkiePole apparel that's on fire! Pole Junkie have handpicked an amazing collection of pole wear.

From sexy to sublime you'll find everything you need to reveal the confidence within you!

Pole Junkie is a UK based online store that stocks the world's leading polewear brands, shoes and accessories.

Discount: 20% off everything. Up to 70% off selected sale items.


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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Wink Fitnesswear

<a href=Wink Dancewear" width="150" height="150">Wink Dancewear is the UK's top yoga, pole dance, sports fitness and aerial arts clothing brand.

Wink clothing is sassy, unique and bold. Designed to stay in place while you twist and spin, keeping you dry in the hottest of workouts.

Clothing at Wink is made from high quality fabric in the UK, with the option for customised clothing in any colour and size - inlcuding children's wear!

Discount: 1 item - 10% off, 2 items - 15% off, 3 items - 20% off

Coupon Code: 1 item - BF1, 2 items - BF2, 3 items - BF3

Plus a surprise gift with every purchase!

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Offer Ends 27/11/2018

Hey Hey & Co

heyhey & coWith everything from custom designs to a cute selection of polewear designs, Hey Hey & Co is based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

Their products are well known for fit, comfort, and quality. All products are handmade and available in a variety of fabrics and prints.

Discount: 15% off & Free shipping on orders over £100

Coupon Code: SAVE15

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Hoodlum Fang

Hoodlum FangBased in the UK, Hoodlum Fang is a bright and bold brand with distinctive prints and classic fitness wear designs.

Each garment is handmade with care and dedication by the sole founder and creator, Chloe Hood. Hoodlum Fang stands for boldness, confidence and strength.

One of the standout qualities of Hoodlum Fang is a strong ethic for inclusivity. With sizes ranging from UK 4 to UK 22, as well as custom created sizes available.

Hoodlum Fang is a fitness wear brand that understands that everybody is important and every body deserves to be dressed in confidence.

Discount: 25% off orders over £20


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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Superfly Honey

Based in Sydney Australia, Superfly Honey offer truly elegant designs that make you look and feel magnificent!

They have a modern and minimalistic design concept for simple but beautiful polewear.

Discount 1: 50% off all past collections

Discount 2: Get $25 off when you spend $125 OR Get $50 off when you spend $175

Coupon Code: TAKE25 OR TAKE50

Plus: Free shipping worldwide for orders over $150

Coupon Code: FREESHIP

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Offer Ends 30/12/2018


PolePunzelPolePunzel is an aerial and pole wear boutique based in USA.

Aside from shorts, crop tops and cute pole tops, products here range from leggings to mugs and phone cases all with unique designs.

They also have a selection of pole room decor and pole themed winter wear!

Discount: 15% off

Coupon Code: YAYBF18

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Offer Ends 30/11/2018

Plus: $5 off the Pole Punzel Box


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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Rarr Designs

Rarr Designs PolewearBased in Melbourne Australia, Rarr Designs specialises in designing pole dancing and aerial clothing and accessories.

You'll find everything from tops and shorts to leggings, acccessories and menswear. They even have cute little outfits for your mini me in their Little Rarrscles range!

Discount: 15% Off

Coupon Code: Not Required

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Offer Ends 24/11/2018

Flex Monkey

Flex Monkey Pole wearFlexmonkey polewear is a cute brand with fun designs based in Amsterdam. With designs made with passion, for dancers with passion.

As well as their own brand products their online store also features a variety of other polewear brands.

You can also get in touch with them if you are a studio to find out more about their special studio deals.

Discount: 20% off

Coupon Code: 20BF20

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Kup My Kakez

Kup My KakezKup My Kakez is a polewear brand based in the USA, with fun and pretty designs of classic shorts, cheeky shorts and leggings. All designs are handmade by the brand's owner, Heather.

Their discounts this Black Friday depend entirely on how much you spend

Discount 1: 10% off when you spend $25

Coupon Code: 10KAKEZ

Discount 2: 15% off when you spend $50

Coupon Code: 15KAKEZ

Discount 3: 20% off when you spend $100

Coupon Code: 20KAKEZ

Discount 4: 25% off when you spend $150

Coupon Code: 25KAKEZ

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Offer Ends 23/11/2018

Paradise Chick

Paradise Chick Pole wearOne of my personal favourites, Paradise Chick clothing is a Greek handmade sportluxe brand that creates stylish polewear and outfits. It's a polewear brand that makes you feel elegant, unique & comfortable.

All of the bodysuits, leggings, tops & bottoms at Paradise Chick can be also used for aerial arts, surfing & swimming.

They're not only some of my favourite pole wear sets, but my favourite beach wear too!

Discount: 20% off


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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

BoomKats Polewear

BoomKats PolewearBased in the EU, BoomKats is a polewear store offering unique and eye catching prints.

All products are handmade and you'll find everything from shorts and tops to leggings and even boot sleeves, a unique idea to transform your Pleaser Shoes into Pleaser boots!

Discount: Up to 40% off selected items

Coupon Code: Not required

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Offer Ends 23/11/2018

Defying Gravity Activewear

Defying gravity activewearBased in Ontario, Canada, Defying Gravity Activewear is a custom pole and aerial clothing company that offers ready to wear clothing and custom performance pieces.

Owner Caita hand produces all of the garments for Defying Gravity. Each item is crafted with care and made to flatter it's wearer. She has been sewing and creating garments for over 15 years.

Discount: 40% off

Coupon Code: blackfridaysale

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Offer Ends 27/11/2018

Creatures of XIX

Creatures of XIXCreators of Gecko Grip and based in the UK, Creatures of XIX is a provocative and gritty clothing brand, for extreme women into extreme fitness.

Gecko Grip was created to ensure Breathability and Flexibility with Enough grip to stay put on the pole!

Discount: Up to 60% off

Coupon Code: Not required

Offer Ends 26/11/2017


Shoe Freaks

Shoe FreaksBased in Montreal, Canada, ShoeFreaks also carry lingerie and accessories.

With the largest selection of alternative high quality shoes and boots in Canada, they will help you to strut your stuff in shoes that make you feel sky high.

Discount: 25% off

Coupon Code: black

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Offer Ends 26/11/2017

Doctor Shoelittle

Doctor Shoe LittleBased in the UK, Doctor Shoe Little also has a selection of clothing.

Discount: 15% off *Excluding Chris Niari designs


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Offer Ends 27/11/2018

Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser ShoesFind your perfect heels right from the source at Pleaser Shoes, based in the USA. The store also carries styles from the Demonia brand.

Discount: 12% off


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Offer Ends 26/11/2018


Shoe MeBased in Australia, at ShoeMe you'll find a huge selection of shoes in many styles from many different brands.

Brands featured include; Pleaser, Pin Up Couture, Demonia, Bordello, Ellie Shoes and much more!

Discount: Up to 30% off selected items

Coupon Code: Not required

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018


Lupit Pole USA

Lupit PoleLupit Pole are a trusted and innovative dance pole brand with new and exciting ideas!

Their products are created using high-quality materials and craftsmanship and then tested by their ambassadors, leading artists, athletes and trainers in pole community.

Discount: 15% off all Lupit Pole products

Coupon Code: Not required.

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Offer Ends 27/11/2018 at 12:00 CET (Central European Time)


X-PoleThe industry leaders in dance pole technology, Xpole offer innovative solutions for pole equipment both in the studio and at home.

If you need any extra information about choosing a pole, you can read more about the different types, widths and materials in my guide here.

This year XPoleUS are bringing you a range of offers!

Discount: 40% off pole warmers

Deal Package: Purchase 45mm Chrome Xpert Pro and receive a 5 day XPole TV trial and a free Pole Dance 101 DVD.

Extra Deal Bundle: Purchase a pole warmer with your 45mm Chrome Xpert Pro to receive 50% off your pole warmer, plus 5 day XPole TV trial and free Pole Dance 101 DVD.

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018

Instructor Training

Xpert Pole & Aerial Fitness

Xpert Instructor TrainingEnjoy the many benefits of becoming an Xpert trained instructor!

When you sign up receive a free video library of moves, warm ups and cool downs. A variety of courses are offered in pole, aerial hoop, flexibility, aerial silks and children's aerial training.

Discount: 30% Off

Coupon Code: not required

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Offer Ends MIDNIGHT 25/11/2018

Spin City

Spin CitySpin City offer a range of beginner's to advanced level courses that you can either complete in person or online.

Discount: 25% Off

Coupon Code: BLACKFRID4Y

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Offer Ends 26/11/2018


Pole Dancing Adventures

Pole Dancing AdventuresArtist Leen Isabel is the creator of the original pole dancing web comic Pole Dancing Adventures!

With original pole dancing graphic novels you'll also find a huge range of fun merchandise in her online store.

Discount: Free Shipping

Coupon Code: freeship

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Offer Ends 30/11/2018

Happy Poling!

Most of these offers are available for this weekend only, some only one day! So don't miss out and get them while you can 🙂

If you've noticed any awesome deals that are missing here let me know in the comments and I'll get them added for you!

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^.^ Happy pole shopping!

Love & Pole Kisses,

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